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About us

XZaria is a lingerie brands with extensive collections to meet and exceed your expectation on what a lingerie should be and feel. Our lingerie is aimed for comfort, stylish and seductive.


This is super cute! It’s comfortable and the material is soft, doesn’t seem too flimsy. I’m 5’9 and weigh 155. I ordered a medium and it’s fit pretty well! I have a smaller chest and not a lot of curves but this set is still so flattering and so cute. I have been telling all my friends to get the same one!

Morgan Barker

This was soooooo cute!!! And to him sexy lol. I ordered the wrong size (too large) but I sew so it was an easy fix to all pieces. But once I fixed it, so darn perfect! Made me feel confident. I ordered this one. Super nice set for a great price!

Austyn Nicholson

This lingerie set is stunning. I bought this one to wear for my partner’s birthday and he nearly melted. I know that a lot of men often say they would rather see their ladies completely undressed but this set in particular will make them want you to have it on for at least five minutes! 

Amanda Cole